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An Asset or a Liability

This basic question speaks to the nature of HisComp’s model to Per-Fect Accountability in the workplace. It is a model that teaches and pursues integrity, honesty, charity and compassion in itself, its employees and customers. HisComp was founded on the belief that problems are all around, however we were commissioned by God through the Holy Spirit to see situations differently, to provide a fix through benchmarks and best practices that eradicates the problem the 1st time. This model promotes the visionary and trailblazer spirit in all of us – inspiring each other to service and to kindly teach others to embrace the spirit of servitude and integrity.



  • Computer Facilities Management Services
  • Other Computer Related Services
  • Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • Process Physical Distribution and Logistics Consulting Services
  • Facilities Support Services
  • Human Resources Consulting Services
  • Public Speaking and Training
  • Occupational Health & Safety Training


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  • Team Building
  • Training Management
  • Organizational and Strategic Leadership
  • Courageous Leadership
  • Per-fecting Accountability
  • Mentoring
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